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Photography by

Charlie Wooding Photographer
Race Dates 2024
Lotus Cortina closeup in the rain

Cadwell Park

 18 - 19 May  
Donington Park

 8 - 9 June 

Oulton Park

 26 - 28 July


 10 - 11 August

 12 - 13 October



The Series will feature a new category this year for pre ‘66 cars running with all steel panels.

At the heart of the championship will remain cars that comply with the Historic Racing Saloon Register regulations, which allow for fibreglass panels, and those running to FIA Appendix K.

To encourage a wider range of pre ‘66 cars into the Series the new classes will cater for cars with all steel body panels and any appropriate engine size. The regulations and point scoring system have been amended to give these cars an equal chance of winning.

Series Chairman Steve Platts said: “The cars with all steel panels are at a weight disadvantage, but we want to encourage them to join the grid. So we’ve opened up the regulations to invite them and give them an equal chance of doing well in the Series.”

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