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2022 Championship Awards for the Season
Presented by Pauline Oliver

Harry Barton Champion.jpg

Harry Barton Overall champion

Paul Wallis B 1st.jpg

Paul Wallis 1st Class B

Harry Phelps Anglia 1st Class C

Harry Phelps Anglia 1st Class C

Niel Wood aC 1st.jpg

Neil Wood 1st Class C

Steve Platts E 1st.jpg

Steve Platts 1st Class E

Mike Stephenson K2 3rd.jpg

Mike Stephenson 3rd Class K2

Harry Barton Class Winner K2 1st.jpg

Harry Barton 1st Class K2

Glen Maskell HRSR.jpg

 Nigel Cox Spirit of the HRSR
Glen Maskell Award


Jennetts Award for 
Perseverance against adversity

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