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News 2023

The Historic Touring Car Championship will feature a new category this year for pre ‘66 cars running with all steel panels.
At the heart of the championship will remain cars that comply with the Historic Racing Saloon Register regulations, which allow for fibreglass panels, and those running to FIA Appendix K.
To encourage a wider range of pre ‘66 cars into the championship the new classes will cater for cars with all steel body panels and any appropriate engine size. The regulations and point scoring system have been amended to give these cars an equal chance of scoring points and winning the championship.
Series Chairman Steve Platts said: “The cars with all steel panels are at a weight disadvantage, but we want to encourage them to join the grid. So we’ve opened up the regulations to invite them and give them an equal chance of doing well in the championship.”
Technical changes to the rules for 2022, with introduction of some aspects in 2021

The committee has extended the cut off date to allow selected cars from 1967-1968

Chevrolet Impla

Fiat 124

Fiat 850 n

NSU 1200 tt

NSU Ro80

Peugeot 404

Renault 8

Renault 10

DAF 33

Citroen DS21

Simca 1500

Skoda 1000 MB

WartBurg Knight

Bmc ADO16 range

Morris 1100

Mg 1300

Kestral 1275

Wolseley 1300

Riley elf 1300

Rover 2000tc


Peugeot 204

Simca 1000

Triumph 1300

Singer Chamois coupe

Singer Gazelle

Morris Oxford         

Bmw o2 series

Austin 1800

Ford Zephyr

Humber Sceptre

Ford corsair v4 2l

Alfa Romeo 1750 gt veloce

Austin A40 mk2

Morris Minor

Vauxhall viva Hb Gt

Vauxhall victor

Volkswagen 1600 ts

Austin 3 litre

Chevrolet Camaro

Some specific changes include:

1600cc engines in the Anglia 105e/107e, as well as 1500 and 1300cc
A35 /Morris Minor/A40 Mk 1&2 are allowed to increase their engine size to 1300cc, using one of the period BMC Mini type engines.

Mk 1 Lotus Cortina/GT are permitted a 2000cc engine (noting some are now specifically allowed, however this will now be opened up to all HRSR Mk 1 Cortina's).

Mk 2 Minis will be allowed if minimal changes are made to their appearance. Windows of the MK 2 Mini will be allowed to stay. 

Other than the list of eligible cars shown above we would encourage anyone interested to get in touch with us. Even where not explicitly permitted, we will consider entries on an individual basis for the existing invitation class.

Any specific questions can be directed to the committee. they are only too happy to help.  
Further notes: Please note that in order to keep cars within roughly the same ‘generation, Ford Escorts and Mk2 Cortinas are specifically excluded
We also will allow some changes to bodywork.
Whilst no aerodynamic aids will be allowed (e.g. front spoilers , rear wings or wheel arches that can be used to improve the aerodynamic effect on the car), we will permit modifications modifications of a minor nature are allowed to wheel arches. On the condition that the wheel diameter /width /Dunlop tyre  must still be with the current set regulations. This includes axle or front suspension dimensions.
In terms of suspension, suspension/axles cannot be widened to offset the wheel arch conditions).

If your car is not listed or you are not sure please contact us and we will see what can be done to help you.

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