Getting Started

To begin with it is a good idea to come to one of the championship rounds and have a chat with one of the committee members who will be happy to talk about the series and cars etc and give advice and answer any questions you may have.

The next step is to buy an MSA Go Racing starter pack, which comes with a DVD, a copy of the MSA Yearbook, and a Competition Licence form

You then need to pass an ARDS test, and the examiner must stamp your licence form. You will also need a GP to complete the medical section of the form.

You will then be ready to send off your application for a Race National B Competition Licence, but bear in mind that you must be at least 16 years old

You’ll also need to join the HRSR and HSCC as a racing member.

What kind of car do I need? Why not contact us and we can send you some free tickets to come along to a race and meet us, have a chat and see what it is all about. Or you can use the contact link top of the  page and we can have a talk on the phone or email which ever suits you.


You can buy one already built for the series or adapt a car to suit the regulations.

This is where the HRSR helps keep the cost down on racing historic cars.  The HRSR regulations allow for more flexibility on certain parts making it easier and cheaper to obtain.  Alongside the HRSR cars, there are classes for Appendix K cars which demand period correct parts that can be difficult to obtain and also require technical papers issued by the FIA, but if you wish to do Goodwood and other big events appendix K is the requirement.

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